Supported Housing

KASBAH offers a range of supported living services which include residential, day training programmes and can be continued out in the community with our outreach team. Every service is build around the person’s needs and aspirations and is regularly reviewed:

  • We provide specialist support, prompts and guidance in all areas of daily living
  • We offer support in a wide range of tasks including budgeting, prompts around personal hygiene, shopping and meal preparation, basic health and safety, social skills, travel training and all aspects of domestic
  • We educate disabled people on how to effectively risk assess each situation and make informed decisions
  • We support every person to lead a full active, safe and happy life and to strive to meet their full potential

Each of KASBAH housing projects has a slightly different niche; Seabrooke House is our only 24 hour supported short term project which trains young adults with the potential to live independently within next two years in key life skills needed to keep the person safe, well and happy. Each person has their own individual learning plan and all needs and ambitions are welcomed. Hattie Webb House is a more independent service with like-minded young people living in a shared house with support as and when they require it, this services specialises in physical disabilities.

Rochester Road is able to support a higher level of learning disability (this property does not have full wheelchair access) as well as short term placements and respite for more able people. As is Gingerbread House, although this site can also accommodate ‘manageable’ challenging behaviour and is geared up to young people moving from children services over to adults. This house is fun, loud and full of laughter.

Maddison House is a longer-term project for predominantly able disabled young adults to live in a shared living environment with individual support packages to meet each young disabled person’s needs predominantly around cooking, keeping self safe, understanding letters and bills and social skills, this service specialises in learning disabilities.